7 stories of ambitious farmers around the world (part 2)


This time you can read the story of Richard Roy Pérez Villanueva from Peru. 

Richard Roy Pérez Villanueva

President of the board members of Central Cacao de Aroma
Age: 35
Member since: 2014
District/region: San Martin Region

Richard Roy Pérez from Peru belongs to the San Martin region. Since 2014, he is the president of the board members of the cooperative Central Cacao de Aroma de Tocache, a second degree cooperative with six grassroot cooperatives.
'Being a member of the cooperative allows me to have access to the cooperative’s business and financing linkages.'

Many changes

In 2014, Central Cacao de Aroma de Tocache started the cooperation with Agriterra to improve cooperativism in the areas of governance, administration, supervisory board members and other aspects.
Before the cooperation they were already working with the different grassroot cooperatives and sharing experiences with them, but they still had to consolidate the knowledge of all the cooperatives and managers.
Richard Roy Pérez: “We have experienced many changes: Several managers have received various trainings that have strengthened good business as well as economic and social management of the cooperative. As a result, our partners’ leaders and managers have also strengthened their capacities to better perform their tasks. Personally, I have strengthened my performance and my duties as a president of the board members.”
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