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Mugisha Crescent from Uganda wrote a blog about his visit to the Netherlands in 2018. He was one of the participants of the Youth Leadership Master Class. 

Mugisha Crescent

President of the board members
Age: 28
Member of Rukiga Savings and Credit Scheme Cooperative Society (RSACCO)

My 2018 life changing master class

“In the early 2018, I was excited upon being selected for the Youth Leadership Master Class in the Netherlands. I honestly didn’t know what to expect of this magical opportunity, because it was not only going to be my first time in the Netherlands but also my first time to move out of my country and the first time to travel by air but most importantly that I was about to get exposed to first class agricultural systems and that I was about to be referred to my dream title “Mr president” for all the days I would spend in the Netherlands.

On 6th October 2018, I was in the Netherlands to embark on a life changing mission for me and for my country. I must confess that the state of art infrastructure caught my eyes on the first sight and the friendliness of the Dutch people. For the next nine days, I joined my other colleagues to form a strongly bonded family and an extra two days with the wonderful Orange Corners youth.

From the farm side home to very inspiring trainers to very loving guides to the policy makers interactions to city tours to farm and cooperatives visits to the youth leadership academy to the buddy visits to the Kucheza game to the recap sessions and to the orange corner youth leadership empowering programs.

This was all so inspiring, empowering, enriching, educative and life changing lessons to me and I will always be grateful for this golden opportunity.

To me, the most outstanding lessons I carried home were farm succession, agricultural policy regulations, agricultural mechanisation, leadership with humility, building strong cooperatives, infrastructure planning and development, the Kucheza game and historical sites preservation.

But most importantly that my dream to become my country’s president was strengthened and modelled and am confident that when that time comes, I will lead a government that will transform my country Uganda into a first world country and Africa in general.
I will keep moving forward...”


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