Ivory Coastbusiness advisor

Koffi Alain Dian

Koffi Alain Dian (Bouaké, 1984) from Ivorian nationality has graduated in 2007 with Higher Technician University Diploma in Finance Accounting and Business Management in Abidjan Business Schools Group. He worked as Technical and Quality Manager at AGROPHY Nature Sarl based in Ivory Coast.
Koffi is also an expert Consultant-Trainer and Internal Auditor in the field of sustainable development and cooperative certifications for the Rainforest Alliance-Utz -Fairtrade certification standards. He has developed expertise in the value chain and flows of commodities trading including coffee, cocoa.

Koffie began his career as Project Manager in the dual certification Rainforest Alliance and Utz in the Barry Callebaut / SACO certification project in 2010. He also worked with an exporting cooperative, UCOM COOP-CA, which allowed him to have expertise in the cocoa and coffee value chain up to the FOB. He knows perfectly the different stages to become an exporting cooperative in Ivory Coast.

In 2019, Koffi joined Agriterra’s team because it develops a three-way approach advice-training and exchange visits that he finds very well including knowledge sharing: Agripool. At the same time, its tools take into account the regulatory context of OHADA in which the cooperative societies of Ivory Coast are located. Agriterra's tools and approach are therefore able to make cooperatives profitable and bankable and turn them into genuine farmer-led enterprises in terms of good governance, financial management and the commitment of members.
For Koffi, Agriterra is the future for sustainable development in developing countries.


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