Agriterra Magazine, including Annual Report 2018


In 2018, Agriterra continued to focus on strengthening of cooperatives and farmer organisations, contributing to the socioeconomic progress of the people in the countries where we are active.

We believe that investing in professional farmer cooperatives is an investment in a stable and prosperous agri-sector and economy as a whole. Ambitious organised farmers in emerging economies want to develop themselves, become entrepreneurs and business partners, create value addition and move up the supply chain.
Supporting these farmers with training, advice and exchange creates jobs for a large group of people who would rather not be farmers but want to stay in rural areas. As such, farmer cooperatives are ideally equipped to lead the gradual process of non-disruptive structural transformation of rural areas.

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In our Annual Report you will find the 2018 results. It presents the progress made after three years of implementation of our ambitious programme "Common Sense in Business". This programme focuses on realising our ambitious 2020 goals. In 2018 we made some major steps again towards realising these goals.

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