The current COVID-19 crisis situation in Burundi


The COVID-19 pandemic also included Burundi country. Today (5 May) there are 19 positive cases and among them 1 death.

The work on the fields continues

The Burundian government has taken some measure to stop or to minimise the spread of Corona Virus:

  • Wash your hands regularly with clean water and soap
  • Avoid greeting each other by waving your hands
  • Cough or sneeze in the elbow
  • Use disposable tissues
  • In some prisons, people have been released to minimise the risk of spread

Today there is no measure of confinement and social distancing has been taken by the Burundian government. The wearing of a mask is necessary in health services (hospitals, health center). In addition, activities in schools, markets, churches, family celebration, electoral campaign, ..... all these activities continue.

You understand that the effectiveness of the measures taken by private individuals / organisations, including Agriterra Burundi, is limited.

At Agriterra Burundi, we are very concerned about the good health of colleagues and members of our clients, which is why, in addition to the measures taken by the Burundian Government:

  • Agriterra Burundi scrupulously observes Agriterra’s note which suspends all missions / workshops / field activities. 
  • The Agriterra team observes a moment of confinement: there is a rotation of presence in the Office just to avoid saying that Agriterra is rebellious for the measures of the Government.
  • To keep in touch with colleagues, we use watsapp, email and skype. With our clients we have created watsapp groups for discussions and photos of the activities. To maintain contact with clients during this Covid19 period helps them to feel supported by Agriterra Burundi and they continue activities and improve!
  • For official communications, we use e-mails and letters via travel agencies (Bujumbura-offices inside the country).
  • The past week Agriterra Burundi, like the other colleagues, has assisted colleagues and clients of Agriterra Burundi in the availability of equipment in order to comply with measures against the spread of COVID-19.

What are the main challenges and impact of covid19 for Agriterra Burundi and our clients?

  • As we give our advices to our clients at distance by using phone, whatsapp, e-mail, sometimes the results are minimum.
  • There are 2 chairmen who haven't phone with whatsapp option and who haven't laptop. It's difficult for us and for them to communicate with them on time.
  • Internet: sometimes, the connexion is low and it's difficult to communicate.

For Agriterra in generally, there are missions, events and workshops posponed. 

For our clients: of course there will be impact because some of activities have been postponed (missions, events, workshops) and there is the delay. There is also the negative impact because there are some important services wich are not accessed easily for eg the credit for our clients. For the coffee cooperative it's the major problem, because it's difficult for them to maintain the quality of the coffee on the wash station without the necessary material. 

Espérance Niyonsaba, business advisor Agriterra Burundi


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