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Paul Hategekimana

Paul Hategekimana was born in 1989 in a historical town in southern province of Rwanda called Nyanza district. It’s a very touristic and historic part of Rwanda, it was the old capital (1958-1962) and is the location of the monarchy’s old palace.
He’s a last born in family of 2 children. His family was mostly engaged in agriculture as business.

Paul pursued an agriculture degree (Crop Production and Horticulture department) at National University of Rwanda from 2011-2014. In 2016, he got a scholarship to continue his master’s study in Thailand, Bangkok at Kasetsart University, where he studied tropical agriculture with specialisation in field crop physiology (especially maize and rice). He conducts different research in crop physiology to evaluate the resistance of different seeds against drought and diseases, as well as plant breeding for increasing yield production. Recently, he is conducting his agriculture research to persuade his PhD degree in California Christian University, Bangkok Campus. 

Paul completed different internships, in Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA), in Rwanda Agriculture Board (Horticulture department) and in Urugaga Imbaraga. After that he became agronomist at World Jewish Relief Project implemented by Uyisenga ni Imanzi Rwandan NGO. That project supports youth engaged in horticulture crops as business. The project was held at Rwamagana, Kayonza and Nyanza district of Rwanda. In July 2015 he was Senior Agronomist at Lemon Aid and Charli Tea foundation (German organisation) Project and in August 2018 he became Project Manager at the same project. 

In July 2019 he joined Agriterra as Business Advisor in the SDGP Maize project. 




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