Burundibusiness advisor

Jaffar Rushigaje

Jaffar Rushigaje was born in 1982. He is an agronomist engineer with 12 years of work experience in rural development and in agribusiness. He is convinced that agriculture is at the centre of much today's key global challenges related to healthy foods, sustainable environment, poverty reduction, agro-industry and global trade. Innovative ideas and partnerships are required to build sustainable and scalable business solutions that generate value from farm to consumer.

In ADIC as Project Manager of Food Security in a EU funded- project, he increased his level of providing humanitarian response vulnerable of climate change and political crisis. He learned grant use, reporting, documentation of changing livelihoods and holding policy dialogue for further improvement. In parallel to the EU Funding, he managed grants from FAO-UN/GEF, WFP and European Cooperative for Rural Development (sorghum project).

With UNIDO investment, he started as expert in coffee certification for a Burundi Program supporting oversea trading in 2015. He developed skills in business analysis, in cooperative management (coffee production and in cooperative leadership).

As Vice-Head of Department of Agronomy at INTERCAFE BURUNDI from 2012 to 2016, Jaffar co-chaired the segment of production in coffee value value chain when he was called to supervise the National confederation of coffee growers associations in the objective to increase quality and quantity of coffee production, coffee statistics, coffee research follow-up.

He also worked as an M&E for USAID funded Project at Olam International/Burundi business unit with coordination of business performance analysis, planning, follow-up, reporting, certification and collection of feedback from project' technical teams and partners.

In Auxfin (2020), Jaffar was in charge of 3 projects related to facilitation of access to smallhold farmers to good agricultural practices through Agricoach app (project co-funded with Netherlands Space Office), improved seeds via online seed market place platform (project funded by Trade Mark East Africa) and a low-cost, low risk carbon capture and storage (ACORN project funded by Rabobank). He is also skilled in writing proposals for European commission, Enabel, Food and Agriculture Organization.

Jaffar joined Agriterra from February 2021 as business advisor in Burundi, where he want to share his knowledge and experience in order to make more resilient and professional cooperatives in the context of climate change and evolutive business environment in Burundi, in the region and in the world.



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The Netherlands

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