Agriterra and Rabo Partnerships join forces to support agricultural (financial) cooperatives in emerging markets


With the collaboration, Rabo Partnerships and Agriterra provide a more comprehensive set of products and services for the development of modern, market-oriented agricultural cooperatives in emerging markets and to cooperative financial institutions with a focus on agri finance. It is expected that the collaboration will lead to increased deployment of Agripool experts: employees of Rabobank who use their knowledge and expertise for international projects of Agriterra in developing and emerging markets.

On Tuesday August 14th, 2018 Kees Blokland, Managing Director Agriterra, and Marianne Schoemaker, Director Rabo Partnerships, signed a cooperation agreement. With this strategic partnership both organisations are joining forces to support the professionalisation and modernisation of agricultural and financial cooperatives in Africa, Asia, Latin America and former Eastern Europe.

A concrete example of the collaboration is an assignment in Indonesia where a rice cooperative, KSU Atom, requested Agriterra to support the development of a business plan for a new rice factory. Over 800 farmers are involved and a combined Agriterra – Rabo team will travel to Flores in Indonesia in September 2018 to advise the cooperative on building a sustainable business model. 

Business advisor Tina Napitupulu from Agriterra will bring expertise about developing a strategic business plan. She works together with Naomi Clark, working at the credit approval process at Rabobank Australia, who will advise on the financing aspects.

Marianne Schoemaker, Director Rabo Partnerships and Kees Blokland, Managing Director Agriterra


Agriterra (Arnhem, The Netherlands) is a Dutch agri agency that provides business development services to cooperatives and farmers' associations in emerging economies. Agriterra assists them with advice and training by locally based business advisors and by deploying practitioners from the Dutch and international agricultural organisations and companies; the so-called Agripool experts. This support involves themes such as business development, governance, financial management, extension services and advocacy. In a large number of countries Agriterra works from its local offices.

Rabo Partnerships (Utrecht, The Netherlands), a fully owned subsidiary of Rabobank previously known as RIAS and Rabo Development, builds on 25 years of experience worldwide in strengthening financial institutions and cooperatives through sharing of knowledge and networks. Our mission is to increase access to financial services for people in emerging markets with an emphasis on developing rural livelihoods and increased agrifinance.


Contact details Agriterra
Cees van Rij – Manager agri-advice
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Contact details Rabo Partnerships
René Verberk – Senior Project Manager Advisory Services
+ 31 (0)6 1093 8714

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