Bolivian Natural Beef is booming


All Latin American steaks come from Argentina? Not anymore! 80.000 ranchers produce the best Bolivian natural beef and they are on the move. In Wageningen, a  Memorandum of Understanding between the Confederation of Cattlemen of Bolivia (CONGABOL), the Wageningen University and Research and Agriterra has been signed. They will work together on technological research, training and exchange of knowledge and skills. The Ambassador of Bolivia, Dr Eduardo Rodriguez Veltzé stated during the meeting today “Bolivian business can be competitive worldwide. The formal signatures today provide new paths forward.”

Make Bolivian extensive cattle farmers happy

Oscar Ciro Pereyra, Chairman of the Board of CONGABOL, is very much looking forward to the collaboration. “All parties involved work for global food systems. We share the same values. I hope to make 80.000 ranchers happy and to give the farmers a better future with this step, in which the connection to governments is also important. The goal is production improvement of Bolivian extensive cattle farmers, export and cooperation between the two countries.”

More export

A strict and effective breeding system for high quality cattle, genetic improvement and technological development has already improved the quality of the meat of the Nelore cows. This local cow breed is doing well in the valleys of Bolivia. They are heat resistant and resistant to parasites such as ticks. The first steps have been taken to export the Bolivian Natural Beef. Now, with help of WUR and Agriterra, next steps will be taken. “But it is important that we do not copy-paste. The Bolivian situation is unique so advice should fit the Bolivian sector. CONGABOL is behind the steering wheel. We want to learn from each other and create a mutual cooperation”,  according to Robert van Gorcom, General Director of Wageningen Food Safety Research.

Connect farmers to science and knowlegde

The Bolivian beef is of great taste, is tender and of high quality. Kees Blokland of Agriterra attended OIE in Paris this week to taste the highly appreciated Bolivian meat. “We will connect the Bolivian farmers to top notch Dutch knowledge and propose concrete actions so the organised farmers can really benefit.”





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