Myanmarbusiness advisor

Eaint Myint Mo

Eaint Myint Mo started working Agriterra in July 2017 after finishing her Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Paris Graduate School of Management. She has experience in working in the Microfinance sector in Myanmar when she worked for Proximity Finance where she was involved in operation management and products which targeted small holder farmers throughout Myanmar. She was instrumental in creation of loan products are that tailored towards the needs of small holder farmers so that these products are benefitial farmers rather than harm them. Before that, she worked for a local bank in Myanmar, United Amara Bank, in supporting creation of financial products.

Eaint is passionate about the development of the country as a whole and what’s better than to help expedite that process by helping the development of the agriculture sector which is the backbone of Myanmar economics. She believes that the development of the agriculture is key to Myanmar development as 70% of Myanmar population are farmers, developing and improving their lives through financial inclusion and formation of cooperatives so that they can help support each other during this growth period would improve the country as a whole.

When is not out and about working on the development of Myanmar agriculture sector, she can be found reading, swimming, or traveling not just within the country but abroad as well.



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