Publicity, publications and media

Jan 1, 2011-Dec 31, 2015

Ensuring quality in the field of communication there is still much to achieve. Communication as part of Support and Quality (O&K) department has several goals:
1. Creating support outside Agriterra through the critical, and in the correct language, display of activities and their results, tailored to the operation of Agriterra and its goals.
2. Optimizing the internal information within Agriterra, ensuring structured internal communication to support the required culture and identity and to keep staff motivated.
3. The training and support of the departments within Agriterra in carrying out a good message and to properly respond to comments on the message of Agriterra. The ultimate goal is to support communication from the departments about results, progress, failures, changes, activities, both internally and externally to provide a positive contribution to learning capabilities within the organization.
4. There also exists the umbrella (concern) communication: communication for which no separate department bears
specific responsibility. This will be supported from within the O&K unit.

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