Our projects

Knowledge is Power
Cotton Association of Zambia

Knowledge is Power
Kenya National Farmers' Federation

FAO gives mandate to Agriterra to strengthen LENAFU
Lesotho National Farmers Union

Kick starting Ethiopian Poultry Producers Association
Ethiopian Poultry Producer Association

Preparer pour un export augmenté.

strenghtening Chinese farmer organisations

Préparer l'organisation pour les ambitions

Rcovery of ADA'A Dairy Cooperative
ADAA Dairy Cooperative Society

Professionalizing the business in order to start the export ambitions
National Union of Coffee Agri-businesses and Farm Enterprises

Access to funds for agricultural development in Bolivia through lobby from the grass-root level
Coordinadora de Integración de Organizaciones Económicas Campesinas Indígenas Originarias

Sunny future for sunflower seed farmers
Ruvuma Commercialization and Diversification of Agriculture

Product-market combinations for Agriterra advisory services

Business development for professionalization of the organization
Mount Rwenzori Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

Developing business plans to streamline the ambitions
Kibinge Coffee Farmers Co-operative Society

ACPCU's final steps towards realizing a sustainable farmer-owned coffee export enterprise
Ankole Coffee Producer’s Co-operative Union Ltd

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