Our projects

Kick-off with SSAPU
South Sudan Agricultural Producers Union

Mumberes on the move
Mumberes Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd

Local market access for small holder farmers
Myanzi Area Cooperative Enterprise Ltd

Cow herd expansion for growth in dairy production
Evergrowth Dairy Cooperative

Renewal of Agriterra’s assets in the Netherlands

Further development and enrollment of My.Coop

support small tea farmers in entrepreneurship
Central Tea Cooperative Federation

Ghanaian farmers advocate for better prices and increased access to markets
Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana

agricultural and economic development
Serikat Paguyuban Petani Qaryah Thayyibah

Increase quality and volume of Arabica coffee
Usambara co-operative union Ltd

Lobby for the rights of Jordan rural women
Specific union for farmer women in Jordan

Raising income for small holder producers through value chain development
Quang Tri’s Cooperative Alliance & Small and Medium Enterprise Association

Towards sustainable farmers Organisations in Bangladesh

Renforcement du mouvement coopératif des caféiculteurs du Burundi
Confédération Nationale des Associations des Caféiculteurs du Burundi

Improved milk quality for farmers in Lembang, Indonesia
KPSBU Lembang

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