South Sudanbusiness advisor

Festo Ayiga Amunda

Festo Ayiga Amunda is a business advisor for Agriterra South Sudan based in Juba. He was born and raised in a rebel-held area 200 kilometers south of the current capital Juba in South Sudan during the Anyanya 2 wars. He started his career in the humanitarian sector as an accountant after completing baccalaureate diploma and bachelor’s degree in business administration – finance.

Festo has an excellent interpersonal relationship and a mindset that is free of bias and prejudice, a positive thinker and a team player.
His experience working in the microfinance industry and agribusiness has made him a perfect fit in cashflow-based financing, business plan development with a solid know how in poultry (meat), field crops and horticulture with a high degree of independence.

He is a quick learner and makes critical observations on issues that makes discussions more interesting leading to deeper exploration into topical issues.He is focused, inquisitive and makes discussions more interactive creating a learning environment for participants.
He believes in systems and an environment in which human interference is limited leading to quality service and high efficiency. His high confidence levels makes him more reliable and is a boost to the achievement of objectives.


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