Improve the drying techniques of Cooperative San Fernando


Cooperative San Fernando located in Inkawasi, Cusco in Peru, has privileged climate conditions to produce high-quality coffee. Together with the cooperative management, we identified the need to improve their drying techniques to achieve a stable product quality that would allow a cup punctuation higher than 83 SCAA points. 

We have financed 20 drying African beds in their San Fernando Committee, additional to the 4 bought by the cooperative. More than 100 producers will access these African beds, enabling them to increase and stabilize their quality and access competitive specialty coffee with its associated premium price.

The Cooperative San Fernando was founded by 26 small producers in 2001, now it has more than 400 producers, international certifications and Equal Exchange and Café Direct as their main buyers. Management has ambitious plans to increase quality and achieve new markets. We’ll continue walking along them …

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