CongoCooperative advisor

Jim Liseki

Jim Liseki (born in Butembo, 1986) has a bachelor in Economics and Management, development economics option since 2010 (Université Catholique du Graben, Butembo, DRC). He is the son of farmer, he is proud to work for improving the standard living of farmers.

From 2011 until 2013, Jim worked for cooperatives as market developer for rice value chain in Beni territory (DRC), in Goma, Rutshuru, Masisi as project manager for maize value chain with the support of FAO and Italian cooperation and program manager of a cooperative union in Butembo. During these positions, Jim had time to facilitate links between stakeholders in value chains and to give advice to farmers in developing cooperatives.

Since 2013, Jim worked for International Fertilizer Development Center as Agribusiness coach or Mega Cluster coordinator in a project related to clusters development in Great Lakes for Irish potato, wheat and onion value chains.  In this position, Jim developed links between private sector, public sector and value chains. His general rule was to facilitate activities in order to build sustainable value chains through agribusiness. He successfully assessed relations between farmers and firms and proposed strategic activities to improve relations.

Since April 2017, he joined the Agriterra team as the first Business Advisor based in DRC (Goma). In this position, he is advising cooperatives to achieve their business goals for viability and sustainability. He is also supporting cooperatives in DRC and Burundi.



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