“I feel more self-confident after 3 days training


By Tran Thi Tuyet, business advisor Vietnam

In the last week of September we inspired twenty participants (Board of Director members and young farmers) from four cooperatives in Vietnam to elaborate Funnel Models and Action Plans for their young farmer groups/councils. The use of videos and an online Agripooler contributed a lot to the workshop success.

Youth participation in agricultural cooperatives in Vietnam was launched in 2017. Since then, three kick-off workshops have been implemented for fifteen cooperatives and the Cooperative Alliance. In September 2020, Agriterra Vietnam conducted the third kick-off workshop, for four cooperatives.  

Due to Covid19, Agripoolers could not travel to Vietnam, so we decided to use videos to replace the offline presentation of the Agripooler. We also asked an Agripooler to give online advice via Skype.
The training workshop went very well, except for some small problems with the Wifi connection in the Netherlands and Vietnam. But this was fixed with 4G mobile and hotspot connection.


The Board of Directors and Board of Supervisory members understood the importance of youth participation in the cooperative future and how to involve them into their cooperative operation.

The young farmer groups were inspired and very active in elaborating their own Funnel Model and Action Plan to propose to the Board of Directors and Board of Supervisory members of their Cooperative. 

Chairwoman of Tan Huong Tea Cooperative, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhai, said:

“I am 60 years old, but feel younger when participate into this workshop. Now I am more motivated to assign work to young staff and create more interesting space/environment for young staff to play.”

Young farmer of Quang Tho Centella Cooperative, Mr. Vo Khanh, said:

“I feel more self-confident after 3 days training. Our youngsters can do many things for our cooperative: marketing, deliver products, harvesting, land improvement, etc. I will improve our Funnel Model and present to the Board of Directors and other young farmers in my cooperative to implement our action plan.”


The ambitions of the participants are:

  • Training for more young farmers and potential youth leaders of their cooperative.  
  • Create a young farmers group in their cooperative to have fun together and improve their own farm and sub-contracting work of the cooperative.
  • To learn and exchange experience with other young farmers in Vietnam and other countries in the world, in particular, Dutch young farmers.


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