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Maik Voets

Maik is a business advisor based in Manilla, The Philippines. His first assignment with Agriterra was as an intern for team Ethiopia in september 2015 where he designed and implemented a quality control and grading system for five primary cooperatives that operated under Admas Farmers Cooperative Union. That is where he gained valuable insights in the power of cooperatives to serve market demands as well as fulfilling the needs and aspirations of farmers. He joined Agriterra as a business advisor in August 2017 after finishing his BBA at the HAS university of applied sciences where he, together with a fellow student, designed a toolbox for ICCO Agribusiness Booster on improving the relationships between smallholder farmers and SME’s in developing countries.

In his role as business advisor in The Philippines he is responsible for the scoping, assessing and advising farmers organisations.



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