Making a movie of Kamadhenu Dairy Development Cooperative in Nepal


Lisa Sijthoff, an intern who has a bachelor in Commercial Economics, went for Agriterra to Nepal. One of her assignments was  to make a video of the dairy value chain process of Kamadhenu Dairy Development Cooperative (KDDC). 

Kamadhenu Dairy Development Cooperative is one of the largest dairy processing cooperatives in East Nepal. The current product portfolio includes milk, yoghurt, ghee, paneer, khoa and butter.

KDDC has built a new dairy processing plant with a capacity of 50,000 kg of milk. The cooperative wishes to have a corporate video of their dairy value chain process. They want to show this video to new clients and members of the cooperative, so they can visually show the whole process instead of only telling it.

View the result of Lisa's assignment here:

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