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Jean Remy Muramira

Jean Remy Muramira (born 1985 in Rwanda and raised from farmer’s family) studied Bsc of Science in Agricultural Land Use and Management at Makerere University in Uganda and Advanced Diploma in Soil and Water Management at Univesity of Rwanda College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM). During his studies he conducted a lot of internships which helped him to acquire more knowledge and skills in his field of study and gained hands on experience. 

Remy came into contact with Agriterra in 2015 during scoping activities of cooperatives in Rwanda. Since April 2017 he started working as a consultant in Agricultural Advisory services for a potato project in Northern part of Rwanda, where Agriterra supports potato cooperatives through Imbaraga farmers’ organisation. He also accompanied a lot of Agripoolers especially Dutch experts during their missions in Rwanda.

Remy has a back ground in animal husbandry (livestock and their management, dairy and beef production) and in this line he accompanied a dairy cooperative from Gicumbi district in northern part of Rwanda called IAKB during an exchange visit to the Netherlands in July 2018, where he also visited Dutch potato farmers in their farms.

Remy is very motivated and committed to work as business advisor for Agriterra. He focuses on production and Agronomy services towards cooperatives and wants to help farmers led enterprises to move from one level to another through sustainable development.


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The Netherlands

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