South Sudanbusiness advisor

Nancy Lumeit

Nancy Lumeit is south Sudanese and has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Egerton University Kenya. She has a certificate in sustainable agriculture and rural development from Baraka college in Kenya. 

Nancy managed the field programme of SSAPU, the South Sudan farmers’ organisation for the last 5 years. Agriterra has been supporting this farmers’ organisation so Nancy knew Agriterra. Before that she was business advisor for the Dutch Agribusiness program SSADP. 

Nancy: “I am a business edge trainer certified by the IFC and I have worked as an extension worker and farm radio coordinator with world renew. Now I am ready to take up new challenges and happy to join Agriterra!” 



Willemsplein 42
6811 KD Arnhem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)26 44 55 445