Gabriéla Versteeg new manager agri-advise in Agriterra


Agriterra has appointed Gabriéla Versteeg as the new manager Agri-advice as of July 1, 2021. She will take over from Cees van Rij, who recently stepped back. Gabriela will form part of the management team, and is reporting directly to the CEO of Agriterra. She will lead a community of over 100 business advisors in 19 countries.

Gabriéla is passionate about promoting the Agriterra policy in which cooperative experiences are collected from all corners of the world and shared where they apply. She wants to do everything to maintain and expand the resilient advisor and Agripool community.

“I got to know Agriterra in 2013, when Agriterra asked me to explore, as an external advisor, the possibilities to expand their activities and the geographical area in China. I was immediately impressed by the work and the WHY of Agriterra: to support agricultural and economic development in developing countries and emerging economies worldwide by strengthening farmer organizations and cooperatives; by the HOW: the fact that Agriterra uses the knowledge and experiences of Dutch farmers’ organisations and cooperatives to advice, train and coach cooperatives in other countries; and by the working environment: a self-steering organization with a very strong, talented and highly motivated community spread over 20 countries.”

When Agriterra asked Gabriéla Versteeg over 3 years ago to join as a Business Advisor, she did not have to think twice. Since then she has worked in various roles, mainly associated with Asian countries, Market Development and the business approach of Sustainable Services.
“I am proud to be part of this amazing organisation, and I am looking forward to taking up this new role and together with the aforementioned Agriterra community and all my colleagues, maintain and expand our activities in the different countries.”

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