Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Nigerbusiness advisor

Niek Thijssen

Niek Thijssen (Gennep, 1954) studied Tropical Agriculture at the International Agrarian College Larenstein and Management of Agricultural Knowledge Systems at the Wageningen University. In the eighties and nineties he worked for SNV as a consultant in agriculture and teamleader in several rural development programmes in Niger, Tsjaad and Guinee Bissau. 

From 2000 till 2007 he worked for Cordaid in The Hague as a programme manager for the Great Lakes Region (Congo, Rwanda and Burundi). From January 2007 till December 2008 he was teamleader within the unit 'emergency aid and reconstruction' for Asia and the Middle East. 

For Agriterra Niek works as business advisor. His focus is on West, Central and East Africa and the Middle East. Further he is specialised in land rights and fragile states. 



Willemsplein 42
6811 KD Arnhem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)26 44 55 445