Our vision

Strong, professional agricultural cooperatives and organisations and a good existence for farmers worldwide. Agriterra offers advisory services with maximum impact, for socio-economically strong and productive rural areas.

Income is on the rise in many developing countries and relative poverty is declining globally. Experts from the Dutch agricultural sector can further contribute to positive economic development and better income distribution in countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Theory of Change

Agriterra has deliberately opted to provide advice to organised farmers as that is where our work has maximum impact. We offer added value from our extensive network in the Dutch sector and good cooperation between experts and Agriterra consultants, including local ones. The objective is to improve the lives of farmers and horticulturists, and for their cooperatives to become full-fledged trading partners.

By professionalising and strengthening cooperatives in Latin America, Africa and Asia, Agriterra contributes to positive socio-economic development and better income distribution. We believe that farmers organised in strong, competitive and trustworthy cooperatives are indispensable for a vibrant rural economy. They actively generate agricultural development and help create spin-off employment in rural areas.

Our advice lead to concrete results on two levels:

· Production and interest representation: Better sales figures and more contracts for farmers                                                      

· Organisational improvement: Strong & professional agricultural cooperatives and organisations. 


We want to reach at least 1 million farmers (unique farmers) and mobilise EUR 55 million in loans for 50 farming companies, including 25 factories. Through FACT interest representation (Farmers Advocacy Consultation Tool), EUR 100 million has been invested in policy changes in developing countries

Structural transformation

  • Advice to agricultural cooperatives and organisations leads to improved services to their members, entrepreneurship and higher productivity.
  • Cooperatives with reliable business and investment plans create employment and economic development in rural areas.
  • Lobbying and interest representation help them to establish a position with governments and businesses.

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