Pandemic has an effect on Agriterra


These are unprecedented times for all of us. The corona pandemic will most likely reach all our countries and will have a major impact on our work. Developments around the corona virus are moving fast, and include restrictions imposed by more and more governments.

For safety reasons, Agriterra has taken the following measures:

  • All international advice and training assignments and events (in the Netherlands and all other countries we work in) scheduled to take place until the end of April, are postponed. This measure applies to all international travel of employees, Agripool experts and interns.
  • Agriterra postpones domestic advice and training assignments and events until further notice. Staff has been advised to avoid domestic travel, to limit meetings with third parties in the office or outside as much as possible, and to work from home.
  • In the Netherlands, the head office in Arnhem is closed. Appointments with third parties, in house and outside, are also postponed.

In the meantime, please contact us by email or telephone. We trust that these measures will contribute to the safety and well-being of all involved in Agriterra. Mid-April the measures will be reviewed by the corona monitoring team. We wish everyone a good health and we will do everything to take care of the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues, clients and partners.



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