Philippinessenior client analyst

Marc Parafina

Marc Parafina (1988) works as the Monitoring and Evaluation in the Agriterra GROW-Coop project. Marc earned his degree in Bachelor of Arts in English in the Philippines way back in 2009. He has been working for nine years in the field of development including research, community development, disaster response, rehabilitation and livelihoods.

He started his career as Verification Supervisor in one international research organization last 2010 focused on Rice farming industry in the Philippines. His role was to ensure the highest quality of research data gathered in the field. For the last 5 years, he devoted himself working in Monitoring and Evaluation roles in several project funded by funding agencies in Asia such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Asian Development Bank.

He loves music and spends his free time playing several instruments such as guitar, trumpet and banduria. He is an open-minded person who likes to learn new things. Also, he has a strong interpersonal skill and a strong interest in understanding different cultures.



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