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Renovat Muhire

Renovat Muhire was born in Rwanda and he is a business advisor based in Kigali, Rwanda. He joined Agriterra in February 2019 as an intern. In July he graduated as expert in Agriterra and he became a full Business Advisor in December 2019.

Before joining Agriterra, Renovat worked 2 years in National Institute of Statistic of Rwanda in the department of Agriculture as Team Leader in Seasonal Agriculture Survey (SAS). Let after he joined the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) as a Research assistant in the project called ‘Feminization, Agriculture Transition and rural Employment’ for one year.   

Renovat holds a bachelor's degree in Rural Development and Agribusiness from the Hight Institute of Agriculture and Animals Husbandry (ISAE) currently called University of Rwanda (UR). He has a wide experience in agricultural economics, agribusiness planning, rural as well as agricultural. He completed his master’s degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics at Egerton University in Kenya. He published more than one paper on the effect of exchange rate fluctuation on Agricultural exports case of Coffee and Tea in Rwanda.

Apart from the normal business as Business Advisor Renovat is a passionate farmer. He grow French beans, maize and soya beans. His ambition is to see subsistence farmers moving to the next level. He is a quick learner and known on his critical thinking, he is focused and like to engage in interactive and constructive discussions. Renovat Muhire always says there is no copy past in the development and there is no far a human being can’t reach, what matter is the reason and determination.




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