Nepalbusiness advisor

Sajena Dwa

Sajena Dwa currently completed a master's degree in business administration from Ace Institute of Management, Kathmandu, Nepal affiliated to Pokhara Unversity. She has worked part time in an audit firm as well as interned in different financial institutions. She first came to know about Agriterra through a course instructor, who provided her an opportunity to volunteer as a translator for two Agripoolers. During the period of volunteering she got the chance to know how Agriterra empowers the farmer cooperatives for better results in agricultural sector.

Besides the studies, Sajena likes to participate in any kind of extracurricular events when time permits. She was in the organiser committee for many formal college programs/events which taught her the value of time management and team work. She believes that a well-integrated team work can produce much better results than individual effort. Whenever she is associated with any organisation she hopes to add value so that both her and the organisation can grow professionally. 



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