Sustainable Development Goals Partnership (SDGP)

Developing a Low-Carbon Coffee Value-Chain in Kenya 

Our SDGP Project ‘Developing a Low-Carbon Coffee Value-Chain in Kenya’ aims to develop a low-carbon coffee by implementing regenerative coffee farming practices and producing bio-solutions (bio-compost, bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticides) at cooperative level. The bio-solutions offer an alternative to expensive synthetic fertilizers and diversify the income of the cooperative that produce them.

The project is developed by Agriterra, Moyee Coffee, Fairchain Foundation, Kipkelion District Cooperative Union, Kimologit FCs, KALRO and further supported by Renature. It aims to support 7200 coffee farmers in the Kericho region.

Do you source from cooperatives? Do you want to implement climate smart solutions at the cooperative and the farmer level, that are financially feasible?
Contact Agriterra to help you create a more sustainable value-chain.

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