Summary of the Youth Leadership Academy


Agriterra, the Dutch Young Farmers Association (NAJK) and the National Cooperative Council (NCR) want to give a voice to young people in the Netherlands and abroad so that their vision and challenges are heard in order to contribute to a sustainable environment and a productive agri-food sector. Together they developed a programme focused on leadership skills, lobbying, pitching and cooperative communication. 
On 10 October 2018 young agri-leaders from different continents gathered at the Agriterra Youth Leadership Academy. 

We thank all participants for the inspiring and enthusiastic participation in this wonderful day!

You can find a summary of the Youth Leadership Academy at the Eemlandhoeve here.


The Youth Leadership Academy is an intensive, interactive one-day training,
developed for an international and diverse group of young (to be) leaders within  the agrifood system.


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