Training for performance Improvements; Agriterra’s perspective


Short Blog written bij our business advisor Wilfred Chepkwony on how Agriterra reflects on the training programmes it offers.

Many organisations globally conduct trainings (specialized or general) with the assumption that it will contribute to performance improvements and by extension organisational success. These trainings are often offered externally by specialized organisations and/or consultants depending on the preferences of the client. Many of these organisations or their sponsors have always hoped that after the training there will be considerable positive influence that would lead to performance improvements. However, many critics question whether this has been the case.Silberman M.L (1997) indicated that training alone is insufficient to bridge most performance gaps and that trainers need to develop more comprehensive post-training interventions.

We, in Agriterra, especially on our flagship training programmes of financial management, FACT and cooperative governance pride ourselves on how practical and tailored they are. But, most importantly, the post training follow-ups that come with them more often than not determine the extent with which the training can be considered successful. Through this proactive approach, considerable progress and changes have been reported from the organisations that have undergone these training modules of Agriterra. Therefore, it is our considered view that trainings can only be effective and its objectives realized when backed up by a well-structured post-training follow-up program.

Wilfred Chepkwony - Business advisor at Agriterra

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