Unique approach

Effectively working on development

Agricultural cooperatives and organisations in developing countries are becoming more professional through the commitment of Agriterra, which provides a powerful socio-economic boost in countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

We are locally based and established locally, so that agricultural cooperatives and organisations can be considered more trustworthy, provide high quality services to their members and develop into full-fledged trading partners.

A brief overview of our approach:

  • work with local cooperatives
  • peer-to-peer approach (Agripool-network)
  • global knowledge and business network

Agriterra creates work opportunities and economic development in rural areas, which allows local farmers to generate higher sales figures and a stable income. We improve their business operations and distribution in the market with our peer-to-peer approach.

Experts from the agricultural & food top sector in the Netherlands advise their international colleagues. We also put companies in contact with organised farmers. The result is a socio-economically strong rural area, better income distribution and strong, professional agricultural cooperatives.

What are the challenges?

The global population is expected to reach 9 billion in 2025. Food requirements are estimated to be 60% higher than in 2015, while the land available for agriculture is decreasing due to urbanisation.

Farmers are focused on increasing production, while they are also dealing with climate requirements for food safety and quality.

What does Agriterra do? 

Our advice to agricultural cooperatives and organisations contributes to improved service to members, entrepreneurship and increased productivity, and to cooperatives with reliable business and investment plans.

We also invest through lobbying and stakeholder representation in essential policy changes in developing countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.


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million euro policy changes

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