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Cooperation between USAID Green Annamites Project and Agriterra

VIETNAM - The project “Supporting the establishment and capacity building of cooperatives in income-generating activities in rural areas in Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue” is directed towards the ecologically and economically sustainable establishment and growth of cooperatives’ businesses in key commodities, and, in the future replicability of the intervention. The Cooperative Sector Development Plan of Agriterra is the framework for the execution of this component. The approach includes different stakeholders to improve the situation of women and ethnic minorities to improve their livelihoods via climate smart economic development.

The project strengthened cooperatives in several value chains as acacia, medicinal plants, handicrafts, and fruits. With funding from USAID Green Annamites Project Agriterra trained, advised farmers and their cooperatives to improve productivity as well as add more value to their products. This was done by:

  • Raising awareness on Cooperative model and agriculture systemic change
  • Improvement of financial management, governance and business planning
  • Link cooperatives with buyers and financiers
  • Provided training & study tours to improve their farming practice
  • Strengthening the service providers to ensure a sustainable impact
  • Mobilise international and local funding (ITC/ILO)

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