Winner group buys shares every week


Agriterra encourages youth participation in cooperative activities. At CHAURU cooperative, located in the Pwani region of Tanzania, the youth has responded and formed its own 11-member group called ‘Winner group’, which was established in 2020.

The youth in this group are engaged in vegetable farming, rice farming, fish farming and fruit farming such as watermelons, cucumbers and papayas. They carry out these agricultural activities on the 13 acres of land given to them by the CHAURU leadership. Fish farming is taking place in the Morogoro region under the support of CVMAPA. Also, they have 2 motorcycles that they use to transport passengers. This year, 2022, Winner group has harvested 4140 kg of rice.

Members of Winner group

Winner group has its own savings fund and each member is required to make a savings contribution by buying shares every week (Saturday). Each member is required to purchase between 1 and 5 shares minimum, and one share costs Tsh 2000. The fund also enables members of Winner group to borrow money at a 10% interest rate.

In March 2021, the group received a loan of Tsh 11,500,000 from Chalinze District Council that they used to buy two motorcycles to transport passengers. The money they earn, they use to pay off the loan by       Tsh 960,000 every month and the rest they save in their savings fund. Any profits made by this group they invest in their CRDB Bank account.

More effort is needed to make more youth join the CHAURU cooperative and the Winner group.

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