Ethiopia, Ugandabusiness advisor

Wolt Bodewes

Wolt joined Agriterra in November, 2017. He works as Business Advisor Ethiopia at Agriterra head office in the Netherlands. He grew up in the village of Uden, located in one of the agricultural regions of the Netherlands. He studied International Economics and Development Studies (Master’s Degree). His thesis about small scale fisheries in Costa Rica was his first step in Latin America. Wolt’s professional career started in Barcelona, Spain, and continued both in the Netherlands and in various countries in Latin America (Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil).  

He has always been interested in commercial business with a positive social and environmental impact. Besides he is fascinated by other cultures, languages and scuba diving. Now he works for Team Africa with special focus on agricultural cooperatives in Ethiopia.



Willemsplein 42
6811 KD Arnhem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)26 44 55 445