20 farmers from Dairy cooperative trained as technicians in Artificial Insemination

26-01-2015 The training was for 2 weeks and it took place in Sinazongwe Zambia from the 10th to the 20th of December, 2014. The training was conducted by officers from National Artificial Insemination Centre NAIC, who made sure there was full participation by the trainees, they helped the farmers lacked behind to catch up with the others especially when it came to the actual practical work of successfully inseminating the animals.

The training was made simple and interactive and some of the explanations were done in the local languages just to make sure everyone understood. At the end of two weeks, all the participants were able to inseminate the animals well, From this it means the number of inseminators in the different communities has increased and we believe the trained Artificial Insemination technicians will use their skills to reach out to many farmers that will need their service, as this will improve the number of improved dairy breeds owned by small scale farmers and this will increase the milk volumes received at the Milk collection centres. Another advantage is that the dairy cooperatives could use this to set up a profit making Artificial Insemination enterprise to improve their dairy business. SNV Zambia, Agri-profocus, Agriterra and Dairy Association of Zambia (DAZ) sponsored the training. 

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