Strong agricultural cooperatives and farmer organisations provide an unprecedented boost to the economies and living and working conditions in developing countries. They provide a healthy local sector with good yields, responsible management and healthy working conditions. Agriterra stands for the professionalisation of agricultural cooperatives with our partners: companies, banks, investors and governments.

We have locations in many countries, where we play a leading role for producers, the organised farmers. With our approach, the cooperatives themselves manage the direction and they build their own futures. The goal is for cooperatives to develop into full-fledged trading partners and for their members to become competitive companies with high production rates. This stimulates economic growth and provides the base for future generations of farmers.

Agricultural cooperatives that collaborate with Argiterra have:​

  • at least 1,000 members
  • a proven business track record
  • realistic growth ambitions
  • a need for financing (operating capital and loans)
  • opportunities to invest in themselves
  • a sincere wish to change

Agricultural organisations that collaborate with us have:​

  • a track record in lobbying and interest representation at national and supranational level
  • a track record of service to their members (with second or third tier organisations)
  • realistic growth ambitions
  • a sincere wish to change

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