Discover Agriterra

Agriterra was founded by the Dutch agricultural sector. We provide expert advice and training to cooperatives and farmer organisations in emerging economies. We strengthen farmer ownership and stimulate economic growth for ambitious farmers worldwide. This contributes to socio-economically strong and lively rural areas. Our energetic international team consists of practical, motivated professionals. 


What makes Agriterra different?

Agriterra’s aim for the next few years is to reach 1 million individual farmers, to mobilise 55 million euros for loans, to set up 50 enterprises, 25 factories/mills and to have 100 million euros invested in policy change in developing countries. We are convinced that it is possible to reach these goals because we focus on the cooperative sector, have a global network, deliver quality and have local presence through region offices.


Farmers and farmers' organisations are becoming increasingly important, but they face multiple challenges such as urbanisation, the urgent need to increase production, food safety and climate change. Agriterra uses cooperative expertise and peer-to-peer advice from the (Dutch) agrifood top sector.

Our coordinators

East Africa

Agnes Janszen

business advisor


Bertine Schieven

business advisor

Central Africa

Jean Marie Ntakirutimana

business advisor

West Africa

Erwin Brouwer

business advisor

Latin America

Ninoska González Herrera

business advisor


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