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11 Apr

Inducing youth participation

Icyerekezo cooperative, one of the 12 cooperatives supported by Agriterra in SDGP Potato project, participated the Youth Participation Workshop delivered by Agriterra.

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04 Apr

Establishment of red cherry coffee drying site

Written by Olika Urgessa, cooperative advisor Ethiopia

Man’issa multipurpose primary cooperative with limited liability was established in 2001 with an initial membership of 48 males and 2 females for a total of 50 members. Currently, cooperative membership has grown to 127 males and 9 females, totalling 136. The cooperative is located in the southern Ethiopian region. Most of the land is used for growing coffee, the production of different crops and the rearing of animals.

The primary cooperative is governed by a seven-member board, elected by the general assembly of the cooperative. Currently, the cooperative has one permanent staff member (a security guard) and more than 30 temporary workers during the collection, bulking and drying process of red cherry coffee.   

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