We are reaching more than 500.000 farmers! In the last two years we have mobilised more than 20 million euro through policy changes. More than 40 cooperatives are currently linked to banks, representing over 15 million euro of mobilised loans for working capital and investments.

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24 Apr

We are what we eat

The Federation of Dairy Farmers of Santa Cruz (FEDEPLE), which represents 9 associations and 900 dairy farmers, organised four costs record keeping workshops with the support of Agriterra. During the training farmers found that the cost record keeping is a marginal practice among them and that the dairy farm management in the region still maintains a high component of intuition and tradition.

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30 Mar

Rural vitality or facts about rural youngsters in Bolivia

In the next decade, a large part of the rural population of Bolivia will be adults and seniors. The imminent process of metropolization confirms and deepens that reality. Systematically, fields are emptying, expelling its most valuable capital, young men and women. Between 1950 and 2012 the rural population of Bolivia decreased from 74% to 33% (INE, 2015). In the same period, urban population grew from 26% to 67%. At the national level, 25% are young, but rural youth stands for only 14% of the country's youth.

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