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20 Jul

Digital side event at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit in Rome

Cooperative Partnership for Climate Smart Food and Forestry host digital side event at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit in Rome

On Wednesday 28 July at 13:30-14:20 the Cooperative Partnership, which joins Agriterra and the Dutch, Danish and Finnish farmer’s, foresters and cooperative organisations LTO, NAJK, DAFC and MTK, will host a digital side event at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit in Rome. The session titled ‘Towards Global Partnerships for a Climate Smart and Efficient Food Future’ will focus on the need to mobilise more global climate finance for public-private partnerships to help cooperatives help their owners, the farmers, sequester carbon and mitigate agriculture emissions in developing countries. 

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14 Jul

Agripoolers: Driving Results-focused Impact for Agricultural Cooperatives

By 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition. This highlights the increasing role of farmers and agricultural cooperatives to ensure food security and productivity. However, agricultural cooperatives face multiple challenges such as access to land, technology, and especially markets. 

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