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We professionalise cooperatives and farmers’ organisations worldwide.

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Unique experience and knowledge of cooperatives


Dutch peer-to-peer advice, training and exchange 


Strong local presence & grass roots activities


Extensive network in cooperatives and agribusinesses.

Latest news

14 Feb

Redesigning the brand

We are proud to announce that Agriterra has a new visual brand.
A new look and feel is not only nice to have, it’s necessary to follow up on Agriterra’s growth, but also provide pro-active support for Agriterra’s ambitious programme “Common Sense in Business”.

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09 Feb

Digitisation & change management

This is the 21st century. Everything is entered in computers. Managed by computers. Created by computers. We are even able to shoot electric cars into space, mostly done by computers!

But not in the dairy sector in Uganda. Not yet.

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