Linking the international market to cooperatives

Agriterra is opening up its network to facilitate companies in sourcing. Agriterra can assist in the process of sourcing products/supplies from local agricultural cooperatives in new and emerging economies and we offer access to commercially interesting trade deals. The aim is for these market linkage activities to benefit Agriterra’s clients, the cooperatives or farmer organisations and their members.

Working together

Do you start a sourcing procedure from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective? Have you considered the availability of budget
and time? Do you need a specialist to find the right partner and help in the deal making? Then there might be a great opportunity to
work together. Some other things to consider: local situations are different from Western countries and there will be challenges. For example if cooperatives are unable to make the deadline, or are unable to produce according to standard. Then extra training and advice might be needed. 

Sourcing opportunities

These challenges call for a cooperative capacity building programme operated by Agriterra. What we do:
• Intake interview / desk research / market scan
• Scoping & Cooperative Assessment:
select and propose a range of client
cooperatives according to your
• Collect samples
• Introduction to the cooperative and
accompany you to the cooperative
• Facilitate in the process of sourcing
at the cooperative
Service packages

Our services are offered in four packages:

1. Intake (free of charge)
2. Scoping & Assessment
3. Deal making & Localisation
4. Capacity building

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Training & Workshops

More information?

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