Successful implementation of your CSR policy

Agriterra enables agricultural companies in the Netherlands to successfully implement their CSR policies. Engage your professionals on a temporary basis to improve the primary sector in developing countries.

Working with Agriterra fits well with management development programmes. We also offer you the opportunity to gain local experience and to benefit from direct purchasing.

Agriterra is based and established locally for agricultural cooperatives and organisations to become more professional, so that they can be considered more trustworthy, to provide high quality services to their members and for them to develop into full-fledged trading partners.

You can make a contribution by sharing your expertise with them. Agriterra assists with streamlined sourcing so that your business can connect with competitive, organised farmers.

Training & Workshops

How does it work?

  • Agriterra uses your professionals for 9 to 12 days for advisory or training assignments in a developing country.
  • We arrange everything for the assignment, including insurance, vaccinations, security measures, and travel and accommodation.
  • Agriterra pays a daily fee (plus 1 day for preparation and 1 for completion).
  • One of our company advisors will guide your employees in person and they develop a plan of approach and final report together.

We share the activities of your employee through Twitter, Facebook, blogs and vlogs, which provides good publicity for your organisation.

Why should you participate?

Your people gain unique work experience by achieving maximum results in a limited amount of time with limited resources, in a different culture. This provides an unrivalled impetus to their development and personal growth.

Organisations that work with Agriterra also gain an affinity for new, emerging markets. You contribute to the development of new international trading partners. 

Sample assignments

Your employees can work on advisory assignments, including:

  • membership recruitment and bonding
  • setting up an accounting or information structure
  • strategic and business planning
  • administrative organisational models
  • financial and administrative review of organisations

We also regularly look for trainers for our "train-the-trainer" programmes (abroad and sometimes also in the Netherlands) in areas such as:

  • lobbying and interest representation
  • creation of equity capital
  • marketing

Your employees train trainers at agricultural organisations and cooperatives to disseminate knowledge and skills among their members.

More information?

Please contact Cees van Rij, manager agri-advice at


Willemsplein 42
6811 KD Arnhem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)26 44 55 445