18 Mar

A Story of Resilience

Combating drought and building resilience in dairy production through fodder production and conservation

Supported by Agriterra's Acting Now Project in Kajiado County, Kenya  
Written by Esther Kalanza, Cooperative Advisor - Acting Now, Kenya

In the arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL) of Kajiado County, Kenya, a group of Maasai women are defying the odds of climate change and poverty by running a successful dairy cooperative that provides them with income, food, and empowerment. The Maasai Kajiado Women Cooperative, established in 2010, has grown to over 3,400 members who deliver their milk to the cooperative. Kajiado County was harshly hit by the drought in 2022-2023, with most pastoralist farmers losing up to 70% of their livestock. Agriterra came across the cooperative in 2023 when the catchment was full of carcasses of dead animals. 

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