Establishing progress in developing countries

If you want to make a social contribution to developing countries, you need a partner with a large local network and international contacts. A partner who knows about local issues and who can provide solutions on the initiative and in consultation with local people.

Agriterra is locally established and is the link between your goals and the opportunities presented by agricultural cooperatives and organisations in developing countries.

You want time, money and energy to be invested effectively to create tangible results. With your support, agricultural cooperatives and organisations can become more professional, which provides a powerful socio-economic boost in countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Through peer-to-peer advisory assignments and training, organisations can become stronger on operational, financial and governance levels and develop into full-fledged trading partners. With strong management, in particular financial management, and high-quality service to members. 

Training & Workshops

In discussion with policy makers

From our network of companies, investors and governments, we work together to professionalise agricultural cooperatives. We also support our partners to exert pressure on local governments on issues such as the establishment of fair trade agreements.

We systematically engage farmers and policy makers in conversation and we lobby with them. Practice and policy are brought together in this manner. Members thereby become more involved, and negotiation and market positions are created for farmers.

Basis for the future

Successful agricultural organisations and cooperatives stimulate economic growth. They contribute to adequate food for all and they lay the foundation for future generations of farmers.

Various governments and institutions actively contribute to our goal, which is to establish an agricultural sector in developing countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia that is financially sustainable and ready for future developments.

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