Smart investment in a healthy agricultural sector

Are you looking for opportunities for smart investments with high social impact? Agricultural cooperatives and organisations in developing countries want to make progress, and to do so, they need good business plans, loans and operating capital.

Agriterra is locally established and is the link between your goals and the opportunities presented by agricultural cooperatives and organisations in developing countries.

From working capital to loans: we support you as an investor and we assist cooperatives to make their organisations reliable, which includes supporting them in writing business plans. We also advise cooperatives after they have received funds from you. For you as an investor, we monitor investments and we provide post-finance support.

Training & Workshops

Major social impact

By sharing knowledge, training and sharing experience, Agriterra provides expertise and experts at any level of an agricultural organisation, including governance and leadership, financial and operational management and financially sustainable services, to members.

We support agricultural cooperatives and organisations to achieve more profitability and solvency and higher income for cooperative members. This allows these organisations to continue the process of professionalisation. This results in more powerful rural areas in countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Successful agricultural organisations and cooperatives stimulate economic growth. They contribute to adequate food for all and they lay the foundation for future generations of farmers. This is exactly why Agriterra has been advising them for 20 years. We achieve results through your investment in a healthy agricultural sector.

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