Agriterra was founded in 1997 by the following farmers’ organisations:

  • LTO Noord, ZLTO and LLTB (which together form LTO Nederland),
  • the National Cooperative Council for Agriculture and Horticulture (NCR),
  • the Dutch Foundation of Cooperating Women's Organisations (SSVO), and
  • the Dutch Agricultural Youth Organisation (NAJK).

Together they form Agriterra’s Board of Directors and Advisory Council.

The board is made up of six members and its Chairman is Marc Calon, who is also LTO Nederland’s President. The other members are:

  • Gladys Van Tuel-Koenders and Carla Wijers (Vrouwen van Nu)
  • Arjen van Nuland (NCR)
  • Kees Blankenburgh (CZAV)
  • Annette van Velde-Oudijk (LTO)
  • Andre Arfman (NAJK)

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