Experiences of others

The financial health of the cooperation has improved a lot. 

- Melkamu Fantahun

Leden voelen meer betrokkenheid.

- Bas Prins

Cooperatives: the engine of progress

Agriterra works towards the professionalisation of agricultural cooperatives and organisations. We have local presence in various countries. Our approach makes it possible for cooperatives to take charge of matters themselves and build their own futures.

Together with our partners we make it possible for producers - farmers who have organised themselves - to take on a pioneering role. This is based on realistic growth ambitions and the legitimate desire to change.

The farmers’ cooperatives that work with Agriterra have at least one thousand members and have built a track record operating as a business. These organisations also have a proven track record in advocacy, lobbying and providing services to their members.

The expertise of our Agripool
From agricultural extension, such as providing advice on crop management and nutrition, to knowledge of business development and organisational and administrative matters: with Agriterra’s intermediation, our 'Agripool'  of experts provides advisory services to international farmers’ organisations.

Our coordinators


Nicole Sloot

business advisor


Willem Paulus

Nepalbusiness advisor


Bertken de Leede

Kenyabusiness advisor


Gertrud Wagemans

Tanzaniabusiness advisor


Ninoska González Herrera

Boliviabusiness advisor


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