Unique advice shared from farmer-to-farmer

Agripool is the recruitment agency for farmers and agricultural experts from Dutch cooperative businesses. Agriterra works with these experienced advisors to share their knowledge with colleagues in developing countries. Examples of advice include practical knowledge related to agriculture (such as livestock nutrition), business development, processing of agricultural products or advice on management and organisational matters. With this unique farmer-to-farmer (or cooperative-to-cooperative) approach and knowledge sharing, Agriterra strengthens organisations in other cultures and stimulates economic development.

We strive for the highest quality and therefore do not work with cheaper local consultants. We select, recruit, deploy and organise professional support from the Netherlands. Our Agripool experts work with business advisors located in Arnhem and local Agriterra teams. At least 70% of our consulting assignments are performed by Agripool experts – around 250 advisors a year - mediated by Agriterra.

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For more information regarding our Agripool, please contact our recruiters Ingrid Koedijk at +31 (0)26 4455 445, or agripool@agriterra.org

Contact business advisors

For more information regarding our products and services, please contact Cees van Rij, Manager agri-advice, vanrij@agriterra.org



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