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04 Jun

The new normal in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, precisely in Bobo-Dioulasso in the west of the country, there is the mask ceremony which is a cultural event that takes place every year in April. This is a ceremony during which masks representing several forms of animals are presented in the city. People come out in large numbers to enjoy this beautiful public ceremony. According to local beliefs, this ceremony gives people hope for life for the coming year.                                                   

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03 Jun

Cooperatives roles in promoting climate-smart agriculture

Across the globe, smallholder farmers are facing challenges brought about by changes in climate. The overall impacts of climate change on agriculture will depend on the balance of various effects. The shift in weather patterns takes place at a time when there is an increasing demand for food, feed, fiber, and fuel, which has the potential to damage the natural resource base on which agriculture depends irreversibly. 

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