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09 Jan

Great news from the Peruvian jungle

A month ago, I was in the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, to take photographs and to do some interviews with the managers, workers and members of our client “Cooperativa Agraria de Servicios Múltiples Tambopata Candamo (COOPASER)”. This is how I got the opportunity to learn about the story of President Cirilo Sanchez, one of the cooperative’s founders.

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18 Dec

On-the-spot, easy and affordable soil testing for Kenyan smallholder farmers

Africa is facing an escalating soil fertility crisis and without immediate interventions, the continent continues to lose over 3,5 billion Euros per
year worth of nutrients. To increase productivity whilst decreasing soil fertility decline, balanced fertilization is essential. Farmer cooperatives using soil scanners to provide real-time fertilizer recommendations may be part of the solution. Rabobank Foundation funded the scanners. AgroCares and Agriterra present their findings from a soil sensor services pilot for farmer cooperatives in Kenya.

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