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17 Sep

Empowering women through the birth of TiTaStore

Philippines - COVID-19 Pandemic crippled the many day-to-day activities of human beings. People find it hard to access transportation and buy essentials. More people lost their jobs due to the stoppage of business operations. However, people have to find ways to make a living and sustain the daily needs of the family. Thus, TiTaStores (Tindahang Tapat) Neighborhood Food Market was conceptualized by Gintong Aral Pangkabuhayan Consumer Cooperative. TiTaStore business model was adopted and expanded in the Coops4Food Project. It aims to provide livelihood activities through the selling of rice, vegetable, fruits, and other essentials in the neighborhood at a cheaper price compared to public markets. 

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15 Sep

Improve the drying techniques of Cooperative San Fernando

Cooperative San Fernando located in Inkawasi, Cusco in Peru, has privileged climate conditions to produce high-quality coffee. Together with the cooperative management, we identified the need to improve their drying techniques to achieve a stable product quality that would allow a cup punctuation higher than 83 SCAA points. 

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