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02 Aug

Enhancing women participation in the affairs of their cooperatives

In 2020, Agriterra started implementing with Sebei Farmers SACCO in Uganda under the CRAFT project. Agriterra identifies cooperatives that present themselves as stand-alone business cases, offers a tailored set of capacity strengthening related modules to enable the implementation cooperatives to become more vibrant in their performance. One of the gaps identified with Sebei Farmers SACCO in 2020 was that women were not participating in the affairs of the cooperative. For example, of the 9 Board Members, there was no woman. In our discussion with the Board, they indicate that they did not find it necessary to have a woman as a member of the Board since, according to them, women didn’t have the qualifications necessary to be elected to the Board.  

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23 Jul

Combined approach shows its value

ETHIOPIA - In 2019 Agriterra started to support sixteen primary cooperatives (PC), all members of Damot FCU (Farmer Cooperative Unions), a client of Agriterra. With the help of Agriterra, Kuch PC managed to more than double its output marketing within a year.

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