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20 Jun

Implementing an All-Year-Round Fodder Availability Model

Written by Emmanuel Kibet, Project Lead, and Ken Opondo, Cooperative Advisor, Acting Now Kenya

Life as a dairy farmer in Kenya comes with its challenges, and one big problem is not having enough food for your cows all year round. When the rains don't come, grass and crops dry up, and cows suffer. This means less milk, less money, and less food for our families.

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12 Jun

Having Coffee in Bonga, Ethiopia

Wijbrand Fabius, now Stakeholder Manager Sustainability at ABN AMRO, has a solid background in financing the international commodity trade, especially in coffee and cocoa. Wijbrand went to Ethiopia as an Agripool expert for Agriterra to review and assess the business plan and financing of the Kafa Forest Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Union.

Together with Dawit Setegn, the local Agriterra advisor, he travelled to Bonga, in the southwest of Ethiopia. Over the course of a week, they spoke with various members of the union, visited cooperatives, and met farmers in remote areas. Communication was sometimes challenging due to the different languages spoken. Nevertheless, much information was gathered on the relationship between cooperatives and the Union with the ultimate aim of enabling a partnership between the union and Agriterra.

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