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08 Apr

The Tipping Point of Farmer Corporations in Indonesia

On 23 February 2021, KAN Jabung, a client of Agriterra Indonesia with dairy as their core business, received a national award from the Indonesia Minister of Cooperatives & SME for being the agricultural cooperative with the highest total of assets and the best IT system. This award is a significant milestone in the project of Agriterra and KAN Jabung, aiming to modernise the cooperative and to increase the members’ income.

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29 Mar

Private sector-led strengthening of agricultural cooperative partners key to sustainable value chains

PHILIPPINES - The agriculture sector contributed 23% of the national labor force in 2020. Majority of the farmers within this sector are smallholders, with farm holdings under one hectare. 

Additionally, farmers remain as one of the poorest labor forces in the country. They are often food insecure, and living in rural communities with limited access to markets and services. They also engage in other livelihoods in the informal economy to add to their income from farming. Despite these, smallholder farmers produce food for a substantial proportion of the population. They try to help themselves by participating in and organising through cooperatives, but they also encounter problems in running these cooperatives properly. This becomes problematic for large cooperative enterprises and agribusiness companies that need reliable agricoop partners as suppliers in their value chains.

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