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29 May

Professionalising farmers’ access to finance

Written by Guido Guerra, Team Lead Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Learning department

Kasaali Farmers Cooperative Society (Kasaali) is a Ugandan primary cooperative founded in 2013 that bulks, processes and exports coffee green beans produced by more than 1,000 farmer members.  

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23 May

Horizon-broadening experiences

For many years, the Vereniging Agrarische Bedrijfsadviseurs (Association of Agricultural Business Advisers) has enjoyed a successful partnership with Agriterra. To this end, we regularly advertise challenging Agripool vacancies to their members for consultancy assignments and providing training sessions. For such projects, experts travel to different countries. Among others, this is done to assess cooperatives - a task that not only brings satisfaction, but also broadens your horizons. Jan van Beekhuizen and Jan Kamphof, VAB members who recently experienced it for themselves, highly recommend it.

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