Agriterra rejoins AgriCord


Agriterra is delighted to announce our recent rejoining of AgriCord. AgriCord is a network of agri-agencies that work with member based organisations globally. The alliance aims to promote and help build other farmer organisations and cooperatives through peer-to-peer exchange and help organise farmers in an effective, efficient, inclusive and democratic manner to spur their development. The alliance is made up of 13 member organisations, including Agriterra, and members range from countries across Europe as well as Senegal, Canada, the Philippines and Brazil. 

In November 2023, Agriterra participated in the latest programme commission meeting held in Uganda to further explore areas for collaboration and joint programming. Agriterra is excited to have rejoined the alliance and sees great opportunities to work together with the other agri-agency members, contributing to exchange and new programme development.


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