Ai Nghia Cooperative rewarded


VIETNAM - Cooperative Ai Nghia received an award from The Prime Minister and the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance at the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance Congress 2020-2025 late December 2020 in Hanoi.

“Strongly developing the knowledge-based economy and cooperatives is promoting the synergy of the block of great national solidarity in socio-economic development, towards the goal of wealthy people, a strong country and just and civilized society ” – this was emphasized by the VN Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister believes that in the coming years, cooperatives in Vietnam will continue to have strong and breakthrough innovations, making a worthy contribution to the rapid and sustainable development of the country.

On behalf of 22,000 cooperatives in Vietnam, the Director of Ai Nghia Cooperative – one of Agriterra VN role model clients – has shared: “With great effort from members and professional support from Agriterra and stakeholders, in 2018 the rice product of Ai Nghia has been certified to a 4-star OCOP product. The cooperative has also provided high quality input service for its members to save 15% of the cost. To strengthen the capacity, Ai Nghia currently has attracted youth with high education to join the cooperative”. With these achievements, the cooperative had the honour of receiving an award from The Prime Minister and the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance.

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