GROW-Coop, in partnership with USAID

Agriterra and GROW-Coop, a 2.5 year programme in the Philippines

PHILIPPINES - Agriterra is implementing the Generating Rural Opportunities by Working with Cooperatives (GROW-Coop) Project in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The goal of this project is to expand rural livelihood opportunities and boost rural households’ incomes by facilitating the development of large, successful local cooperatives, federations and other stakeholders into “local resource organisations (LROs)” that will provide in-depth mentoring and capacity development support, as well as support participation in value chains, to growth-oriented (small, micro and medium) agri-based cooperatives. The term LROs refer to actors that are trusted by other local organisations and are seen as “hubs” for ideas and resources. They are the connectors and influencers—the organisations that others go to for help, advice, or expertise.

With the roadmap laid out until 2025, Agriterra Philippines commits to supporting and working with agricultural cooperatives in fulfilling and getting recognised for their important role in rural transformation, food security and sustainable agriculture in the country.

“A key element of the GROW Coop project is that it builds on the existing structures of more advanced and already developed cooperatives. This is the leverage to link with other cooperatives from different parts of the value chain and to help them build market expertise that will make the cooperative sector more professional, therefore allowing them to reach higher levels of development,” said Agriterra Manager Agri-Advice Cees Van Rij.

News articles about the GROW Coop project:

To help agricultural cooperatives build resilience from natural hazards and other crises, the USAID-funded GROW Coop Project implemented by Agriterra is incubating the Cooperative Resiliency Mechanism (CRM).

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